Are you a believer in great software that can cultivate a company’s knowhow?


Are you convinced that a companies’ knowledge and its employees’ expertise can be synchronised in a manageable learning platform?


Do you want to help your customers with the latest e-Learning technology, without having to worry about the technical setup? So why don’t you share your expertise to create more value and help other companies grow?


Why don’t you become a FLOWSPARKS® Business Partner?

Use your resources to help other companies become smarter and to let your business grow.


Your benefits

  • Become a trusted advisor for your clients
  • Increase the amount of projects with new and existing clients by offering new technology
  • Build an affordable business model, with recurrent commissioning setup


We provide you with

  • Profound training to gain an expanded knowledge of the software
  • A fully dedicated support team
  • You’ll always be the first to know what’s new


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We value the relationship with our partners and regard them as equal business partners.

We consider our ability to provide superior didactic advantages to customers a major asset in establishing and maintaining long‐term partnerships with our partners.

We are therefore always looking for companies and individuals with a strong passion for learning software and an even stronger commitment to customer satisfaction, just like us.

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