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Do you believe that the right software can optimally cultivate a company’s knowhow

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   Become a trusted advisor for your clients

  Increase the amount of projects with new and existing clients by offering new technology

  Build an affordable business model, with recurrent commissioning setup



FLOWSPARKS® is a unique sparkling fresh software to help cultivate your company’s knowhow, developed by UNI-Learning.

How does FLOWSPARKS® work?

Collect the company knowledge.

Enter it into FLOWSPARKS® via the intuitive user interface.

FLOWSPARKS® then generates your great digital learning modules.

Just focus on what really matters for your company: the knowhow and content.

And FLOWSPARKS® does the rest!

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Who we are

We are a team of didactic experts, designers, project managers and software engineers focused on creating smart e-Learning modules and excellent tools for digital learning. We have combined our efforts in the unique software called FLOWSPARKS®.